Thursday, 25 July 2013

Write (Send) Unlock Code To Huawei Modem

We can unlock Huawei modems by either Upgrading/ Downgrading Firmware or Sending (writing) Unlock code to the Huawei Modem. There are many kind of Unlocking tools are available for Huawei Modems, Today i am here with an ultimate tool named HUAWEI MODEM CODE WRITER.

Generally when we insert the wrong SIM card in modem then by default it prompt for the unlock code but in case when your modem is not asking for the unlock code we have to manually (force fully) send the unlock code using this tool.

Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool Download:-.
You can found the Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool from below download link.


Download Huawei Modem Code Writer.

Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool Usages:-.
First of all make sure that you have generated unlock code for your modem (Generate Unlock Code Online).
Open The Tool that you have downloaded, you can see following screen.

  1. Huawei Code Writer
  2. In order to send unlock code we have to select the com port first, Click on Please Select The COM Port and you can see the following screen now click on Detect and your port is detected select it and Click on Accept.

    Now Click on Unlock Modem and The Enter Modem Code Window will prompt and ask for the unlock code write down your Unlock code there and click on OK.
  3. Now Click on Unlock Modem and The Enter Modem Code Window will prompt and ask for the unlock code write down your Unlock code there and click on OK.
    Huawei Code Writer Code Writing
  4. It will send the code to modem and you can see the Conformation.

  5. Unlocked

Unlock Huawei E177 Docomo Modem

Hello friends many of you have problems in unlocking this device Huawei E-177, So after trying many things a trick strikes into my mind which is the simplest of all other Huawei models. So I am very happy to say that unlocking trick for this model is not available anywhere and I just found it myself so you all guys must be very keen to know about this trick.

E177 Unlock (Setps To Follow).

Follow Below steps properly to unlock your Docomo E177 a 7.2 Mbps Modem.
Step:- 1) Generate Unlock Code.

There are two different way to generate unlock code fro the huawei modems, First one is by using our online tool Huawei code calculator other one is by using Huawei Universal Code Calculator.

By Using Huawei Code Calculator (Online).

Just Visit Online Huawei Code Calculator By-Sachin and put your IMEI in IMEI Box and click on generate and you will get the unlock code as well as flash code using new and old algorithm.

By Using Huawei Master Code Calculator (Offline Software).

Note down the IMEI number of your Huawei device or data card.
Now get the flash code for the Huawei model using universal Huawei Unlocker which you can download here.
Then note down the flash code and Nck code as shown below.

STEP 2):- Write (Enter) Unlock Code In To Modem.

There are also two types of method to enter the unlock code into your modem, First one is default and working for only some users and other one is by using huawei Huawei Code Writer which is working for all.
Default Method:-.

Just Connect Your Modem Properly.
Install The default Dashboard.
Now disconnect your modem with other then docomo SIM.
Then open the default dashboard and will be asked to enter the pin code.
You just have to enter the Nck code their and your Data card is unlocked so now you can enjoy high speed internet with any other 2G network.

By Using Huawei Code Writer:-.

Download Huawei Code Writer.
Open Huawei Code Writer And Select on "Please Select The COM Port" and you can see on pop-up window Then Click On Detect And select the port From The Window Then Click OnAccept.
Now Click on Unlock Modem It will Ask To Enter Unlock Code then Enter it and Click On OK.
You are Done.


Download Huawei E177 Firmware E177Update_HW177DT02.113. And make your modem up-to date.

Download Huawei E177 Firmware.


Huawei E177 Dashboard Download (Windows).
Huawei E177 Dashboard Download (Mac).
Huawei E177 Dashboard Update Download.
Huawei E177 Driver Download.
Huawei E177 Linux Driver.

E177 Bsnl Error:-.

E177 Sometimes gives 619 error with bsnl network here is a solution for solving error.

Just Upgraed Your Modem With This Dashbord:-Huawei Internet.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


i am here with the unlocking solution for the Huawei E173Cs-1 Airtel. In this i am going to give you the Firmware file of B757 and unlocking procedure to unlock 86 series IMEI E1731 but ya i don't have the code calculator for this modem so Unlock Code calculator For Huawei New Algo Modem Airtel E1731

First of all connect your modem with the system and let it install the Drivers.
Install the default dashboard Comes in Modem and drivers.
Download customized Huawei Internet By_Sachin with all APN and install it in your modem
Download the Firmware File E173Cs-1 Update_21. B757.
If its ask for Password Provide Flash Code generated by using IMEI, lash The Firmware in your modem.
After Fishing the Flashing just insert other sim in your modem and it will ask the unlock code so just provide your unlock code there (Unlock Code calculator For Huawei New Algo Modem Airtel E1731).
Huh you can see the magic yah your modem is unlocked.

E1731 Unlocking Proof.

By using this procedure i have unlocked many E173Cs-1 modem with Airtel logo and 86 ********* IMEI you can See the proof in below screen shot.
Airtel E173Cs 1 Unlocked 300x215 Airtel E1731 (Huawei E173Cs 1) Latest Firmware Solution

Useful At Commands For Huawei Modems

Huawei is a leading brand for Modem in all over the world. It keeps launching new modem with some intervals. Hence, we are updating here some cool huawei modem AT commands which will help you to diagnosis the huawei modem. If you have stuck somewhere then these at commands will be very helpful to you. 

1. Unlocking Commands


Usage :

-> AT^CARDLOCK? give information like this :
^CARDLOCK: 1,10,0 ............ locked,10 is your lock counter
^CARDLOCK: 2,10,0 ............ unlocked

-> AT^CARDLOCK="xxxxxxxx"
where xxxxxxxx is unlock code generated by your IMEI...

-> AT^CARDLOCK=md5 hash of unlock code
If your unlock code is 11111111 then its MD5 hash is
1bbd886460827015e5d605ed44252251 then this command is used as below.


Unlock MTN And GLO Huawei e303 Modems

In This Article I'm Gonna Show You How To Permanently Unlock HUAWEI E303 Modems by Updating its Firmware.
1. Download Universal Master Code Calculator so that we get the FLASH CODE

2. After downloading it Put the IMEI and get the FLASH code that we are going to use them as a PASSWORD.

3. Download HUAWEI E303 firmware update here

4. Unzip the file and make sure the modem is connected and it has been installed with the SIM card inside it.

Monday, 22 July 2013


    I Have Already Created Huawei Internet By:-Sachin With latest Huawei Driver It's Now Available for Download Now I am going to share one more Best Dashboard but this time I comes with Huawei Internet  is a handy and light weight.So go ahead find its feature and download it.

Features Of Mobile Partner

   1=>New Setup Screen
   2=> Included All Indian APN
   4=>Light Weight (Consume Low Ram)
   5=>Included USSD Option
   6=>Included Voice Calling
   7=>Included Contact (Phone)Book
   8=>Included Video Calling
   9=>Support All Huawei Modems.
   10=>Mms Facility

1.[New Setup Screen]

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Today i have decide to share Customized Huawei Internet  By:-Sachin Which is Designed Specially for Huawei Modems which will provide user to some advance functions like  Voice call,MMS feature,Video Call, is some cool features about Megafon and at the end of article download links are provided
Huawei Internet  Features
  • :-Support Voice Call
  • :-Support MMs
  • :-Support Video Call
  • :-Support SMS
  • :-Support USSD
  • :-Plug and Play
  • :-Support All Version Of Windows (xp/Vista/win 7/8)
  • :-Support Mac
  • :-Support Ubuntu Linux
  • :-Clean User Interface
  • :-Easy To use
Have A Look :-